New Year, New Words: “Relinquish”
There’s a little bias here as this is one of my favorite words. You know how there are just some words that are fun to write? Like “acquiesce” or “nonchalant?” No? It’s just me? Okay then.   “Relinquish” is actually so much more than just
New Year, New Words: “Intentional”
I love reading. I always have, especially fiction, and from there, historical fiction. Jane Austen, one of my favorite authors, who basically defined the English romance genre wrote in Mansfield Park: “Life seems but a quick succession of busy nothings.” Busy nothings. This. Is. Me.
Starbucks & Muk-Luks
It’s winter and it is cold. A lot of people don’t like the cold weather but I really do. I grew up in the snow so I have learned that life doesn’t stop when snowflakes fall. Though I love skiing, there aren’t a ton of
New Year, New Words: “Expectancy”
Have you heard of that word “Expectancy?” You may have heard the pastor or your parents talking about being “expectant” and having focused on it this last year, I realized that it is a really cool thing – what it means is looking for God
We are all big fans of journaling. Whether we blog, write books or write songs, we all keep journals. It is the best way to express yourself with only an audience of one: God. It almost is a communication with Him, as you will see
Yay! It is here! The Aurora Girls’ Blog is something we have been planning and dreaming of for a long time now.  The blog blossomed from the Aurora Conference, a unique conference just for girls grades 6-12. The conference features singers and speakers from all
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