March Forward: Game On!
While many people were making resolutions and changes once the New Year starts, others have a different mindset. The warming weather isn’t just inspiration for change to those who want to look good for a summer in a swimsuit; spring is a season of birth
Love is…Lost
In a way, many relationships are a little bit like movies- they end. There is a conclusion. A final act. Just like a movie, sometimes you know the character will be okay, maybe they will come out stronger; but sometimes their future is uncertain. Break-ups
Love is…Protection (Part 2)
Part 2: Protection For Your Future A very wise and well respected woman who was a missionary has written various books on Love and Faith and given young women just like you treasures of wealth in some of her thoughts about LOVE and how we
Love is…Protection (Part 1)
Part 1 : Boundaries in Love Hey there!  My name is Christy and I am so honored to be writing to you about LOVE and what God has to say about defining boundaries in our LOVE life.   A little bit about myself.  I grew up in
Love is…????
I grew up in a small town. There were very few legit couples every Valentine’s Day and it was pretty casual, to be honest. Hardly anyone did those extravagant things I hear about in Texas, for example, about decorating someone’s house with balloons and flowers. 
Note about journals!!
Wow!! We have had 10,000+ requests for journals in the last three days. Y’all, this is awesome.  I am not gonna lie, this will take awhile to get to you so please if you really need your journal now, email and tell us so
Love is…Found
Did you know all you need is love? Love is a many splendored thing. Love lift us up where we belong.  Love is on the way. Love is all around. Love changes everything. But suddenly there are ch-ch-changes. Someday you will say at last my
Love is…
February. For a lot of people this is a bleh month. You’re over winter; it’s not warm enough for spring; school breaks seem oh-so-far away and, ah yes, if you are single, well it is likely you DESPISE this time of year.  This month, we
Just a Journal…
We talked about three words this month: expectancy, intentional and relinquish. If you have been journaling, go back right now and read everything you wrote for the month of January. What did you learn since January 1 about yourself? Do you feel God in your
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