A New Start
There are two types of people in this world. Those who hate going back to school. And those who love it. I loved it. I seriously miss getting ready to start school in the fall…the activity of soccer season, seeing friends on a daily basis,
United We Stand?
So I wanted to post this a few weeks ago around July 4 weekend, but kept second guessing myself. At the time I was just going to talk about division, specifically the regarding the current presidential race. But the longer I waited, the more craziness
Summer Storms
It is hot, humid and overcast in Texas. What does that mean? Very likely a summer storm. During a summer storm, the rain doesn’t feel as refreshing as it normally does. In fact sometimes it feels grosser after the storm ends. The clouds don’t break open
This is the first blog posted by…YOU. We want you all to write about what God is doing in your live and share that with us if you feel led! Our special guest blogger today is Ashley, a 14-year-old aspiring writer from Brandon, Mississippi. She
One of my best friends got married last week! Woo-hoo! One of my last close friends who is no longer single! Woo-hoo! (sarcasm) In all seriousness, I am so mega happy for her. God brought her a better man than either of us could have
Florida has a lot of fun (theme parks!) and crazy (sinkholes!) things, but my favorites are 2 D’s: Disney and Destin. I have spent a lot of time at Disney, and prior to a recent stellar vacation, very little time in Destin. But after almost
I thought I knew about rain. Then I moved to the south. I’ve lived in California rain – (rare, big droplets then cool air after) – and also England rain (mostly misty mist). In the south though, the rain is hard, fast and sporadic. Loud thunder.
Last weekend I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my very best friends. It was a weekend full of sweet moments shared with my roommates from college. We spent the weekend giggling, “ohhing” over the gorgeous bride, and retelling funny stories for
Game On: The Competition Game
When I was growing up I played lots of sports; I played varsity soccer and softball and even to this day I thrive with competition. I like team sports; I am not a runner or swimmer or enjoy solitary exercise…I can’t stand the gym. Even
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