Winning the Comparison Game

Last weekend I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my very best friends. It was a weekend full of sweet moments shared with my roommates from college. We spent the weekend giggling, “ohhing” over the gorgeous bride, and retelling funny stories for the thousandth time.

But in the middle of the perfect bouquets, bubbly champagne, and dancing I noticed a really mean game going on inside my head. I like to call it “Pin the Insecurities on the Bridesmaid” but normal people probably just call it comparison.

See, something crazy happens to me when I slip (actually squeeze) into the exact same outfit as the rest of my fabulous friends. I start to notice how everyone else seems to have longer, thinner legs than me. I jealously stare at the girls complaining that their size 2 dresses are too big and stress about how mine gives me back fat. I notice how their curls are full and fabulous and mine are stringy and almost straight.

Add a normal wedding timeline that involves 6 hours of primping and lots of pictures next to said long-legged, gorgeous, size 2 friends and by the time I walk down the aisle I’ve mentally bashed, analyzed, and compared every physical feature the good Lord gave me.

Told y’all, ca-razy!

But I bet if you were a teeny bit honest, you’d admit you play some form of that game too—the one where you keep score. The nasty game where you judge “beautiful” by a crazy matrix of unrealistic Hollywood beauty standards, clothing labels, attention from guys, Instagram likes, etc.

We all know the game is rigged…

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