5 Steps to an Awesome Valentine’s Day – for single girls!

Just because you don’t have a date tonight, doesn’t mean you can’t show some love – so show it to yourself! After all, if YOU don’t love YOU, how can you expect anyone else to?

  • Buy yourself a flower in the store – not a rose – but something that you can keep for a bit, like an orchid or a violet.
  • Go to Target/Redbox/Netflix and find something that you want to watch.
  • Take a long shower; do your nails, put on your favorite lotion, face mask, whatever then put on comfy pajamas.
  • Make your favorite dinner that is unhealthy. Velveeta Mac and Cheese, I’m looking at you
  • Enjoy your night! If you have single girl friends – well, why aren’t they at your house already?????


Thinking of you…you’re awesome!!


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