Starbucks & Muk-Luks

It’s winter and it is cold. A lot of people don’t like the cold weather but I really do. I grew up in the snow so I have learned that life doesn’t stop when snowflakes fall. Though I love skiing, there aren’t a ton of resorts (OR ANY!) near Dallas, Texas yet I love winter because it makes me feel cozy. I love my Starbucks. I love baggy sweatshirts and yoga pants. I love wearing winter headbands indoors. And yes, I love my Muk Luk slippers.  I have been a Starbucks girl for years but was just introduced to Muk-Luks this Christmas when my sister got some as a gift and I went crazy for them. Luckily I have a birthday right after Christmas and a really resourceful mother, so now I have my very own pair.

Muk-Luks. Enjoy.

Muk-Luks. Enjoy.

How you see winter is perspective. Some people see it as depressing, and cold, and dark. Others see it as useless once the holidays end. But others see it as a time to get things done. Some people see it as a time to bundle up and wear those cute winter clothes that take up half of your closet. I see it as a time I get not only a lot of work done, but also doing those things I don’t do when the weather is nice. I challenge you this weekend to do something low-key inside that you have been wanting to do for awhile.

Make some tea and read a non-school related book. Start watching a new show on Netflix with your mom. Get one of those adult coloring books and just have at it (surprisingly stress relieving!). Maybe it’s spending time with you Bible over a coffee from your favorite coffee shop? I want you to do something relaxing for YOU this weekend that is cheap/free and something you have wanted to do for awhile. Oh, and TURN OFF your phone. You will survive without Facebook or messaging for a little while.

“And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done. So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation.” – Genesis 2:2-3

Even God rested. It is OK to take a break. You have time. Make time. And before you start, pray that God will use that time to make you feel relaxed and refreshed, turning a mere hour into something so much more fulfilling.

Let me know what that is and I will do the same, ok?

#journaljourney: What did YOU do? How did you feel afterward? How can you make this down time a part of your week? A part of your day?


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