Hi Stress, I see you are joining me for 2016…

The Christmas decorations aren’t even put away yet – let’s face it, I still even have Christmas cookies that aren’t totally stale – but I am already stressed about 2016.

I cannot stand being bored. So I create opportunities to stay busy. I try to schedule and plan in advance so the important things are priorities early on. I organize, file, make templates, etc. all in an effort to be efficient and make the most of my time. But lately I feel like most of my energy is spent organizing and preparing and when the time comes to actually do what it is I planned for…I am exhausted. I’m over it. Which then just turns into a nasty spiral of frustration and chaos, the very things I hoped to avoid.

You probably can relate to this. School, church, family, friends, sports, clubs, drama, music, riding lessons, dance and oh yeah, sleep. Sometimes I will even set aside rest time but end up cleaning, doing laundry, washing my car, paying bills (note: enjoy your youth!)  so even then I don’t really rest. But that’s who I am and maybe you are, too: busy people will always be busy. We will get a TON accomplished but it will take a toll.

God is a fan of hard work, but when we strive to please HIM and not each other; not our friends; not our family…you get the idea.

“Do not be conformed by this world but but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you will determine what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.”

This verse in Romans 12:12 is very popular and used in a variety of settings. Often times it is used to talk about peer pressure and bad influences but I think it also works great in our own busy-ness. You need to work so you can learn and grow; you will also see God move in the areas He wants you to go for. No one can do it all (well, that’s what people tell me) so stop trying.

This is tough for me but know that I will be going on this journey with you all as we try to navigate that mysterious road called “balance.” It is elusive; it’s hard to catch but so, so worth it when you finally do. Or so I am told….

#journaljourney: Who are you working for? Where do you need balance? What is one thing in your life that causes stress you could get rid of?



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