Welcome to the Aurora Girls’ Blog!

Yay! It is here! The Aurora Girls’ Blog is something we have been planning and dreaming of for a long time now.  The blog blossomed from the Aurora Conference, a unique conference just for girls grades 6-12. The conference features singers and speakers from all different backgrounds but share a common faith in Jesus Christ and want to share that with you. This blog will feature posts written by the conference speakers, musicians and other special guests- and even other teen girls!

Each week, we will have new content for you, including a main blog post on a certain topic for each month. There will also be shorter posts, music/book/movie recommendations, ways for you to get involved, contests…and more! In the mean time check out the blog, read past posts and get to know the main contributors by clicking “team” above.

If you attend an Aurora Conference (www.auroraconference.com) you will automatically get added to our email list and get notified when there are new posts. Or you can add your email here, no matter where you live! We are so glad you are here and praying that God uses our team to empower and inspire you!


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