From Puzzle Pieces to Big Pictures
I grew up doing puzzles with my family. It was pretty much a given that whenever I visited my grandma, there would be at least one puzzle we would do, most of the time, involving all the cousins and aunts and uncles. It was an
Your Year To Be Young
Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2017 is full of excitement, growth, joy and of course…inspiration! It’s been one year since I launched the Aurora Girls blog! Woo hoo! When I was younger I would hear my mom would always talk about how
2017: Word of the Year
I have been fortunate to have a great Christmas holiday and went on Facebook yesterday for the first time in a while to check in with what people are doing. The consensus was this – people are very excited for 2016 to end. It seemed
The Greatest Gifts
IT’S DECEMBER! It’s that month of the year where you can sing a whole genre of music without getting weird looks, find the perfect gifts for the people you love, wear bells, get bundled up in your winter clothes and oh yeah, and calories don’t
Musings From England
Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing great – I apologize in the delay in posting but the good news is I have been keeping very busy! At the moment, I am in England in an area known as Cornwall that is absolutely stunning. I
A New Start
There are two types of people in this world. Those who hate going back to school. And those who love it. I loved it. I seriously miss getting ready to start school in the fall…the activity of soccer season, seeing friends on a daily basis,
United We Stand?
So I wanted to post this a few weeks ago around July 4 weekend, but kept second guessing myself. At the time I was just going to talk about division, specifically the regarding the current presidential race. But the longer I waited, the more craziness
Summer Storms
It is hot, humid and overcast in Texas. What does that mean? Very likely a summer storm. During a summer storm, the rain doesn’t feel as refreshing as it normally does. In fact sometimes it feels grosser after the storm ends. The clouds don’t break open
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